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£2,345 of £10,000 raised
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The blessed month of Ramadhan is nearly upon us. This year due to the pandemic our Ummah continues to suffer loss of livelihood and are facing difficulties finding their daily sustenance. Your Ramadhan donation is truly imperative in helping them see through the month of fasting. We need your support to help us provide life-saving aid to our community in Sri Lanka.

We are working in collaboration with All Ceylon Young Men’s Muslim Association (YMMA) and the Lanka Relief and Development Foundation. (LRADF) to distribute food rations to families in the greatest need.

Ramadhan is less than 40 days away, this year is the perfect opportunity to help feed the fasting this Ramadhan. By donating to our Feed a Fasting Family programme you’ll provide families in desperate need with lifesaving and nourishing food.

This programme connects your family to help another family in need, to recognize a brotherhood we all share, making their struggles our concern and priority. One family for another, uniting us across oceans and binding us in the service of our Raab.

We hope to raise a total of £10,000 in support of families living in different regions of the Sri Lanka.

The Ramadhan funds raised are in aid of needy families in Colombo, specifically in Maradana, Dematagoda and Hulfsdorp areas. The families identified are where the main breadwinner is a daily wage earner or a street vendor, who has lost their livelihood due to Covid-19 restriction placed by the health authorities.

Your donations will also serve communities in Galle Fort, Weligama, Hambantota and Kinya. Our local associate charities will buy the rations needed to feed them through the month of fasting.

We would like the donations to get to our needy families before the beginning of this sacred month. Please get your campaign started as soon as possible and your donations in before the 10th of April 2021.

The programme hopes to encompass all members of the family, both young and old to help raise the much needed aid.

The Ramadhan Triple F’s Program (FEED A FASTING FAMILY)

We have many fundraising campaign options to choose from which involves all ages and abilities to suit each and every member of your beloved family this Ramadhan. Everyone from grandparents to the littlest member of the family can get involved in helping to raise a united family pledge.

  1. Memorise a Surah/ Surahs or a dua to help raise my donation.
    (Download and print your donation card and raise money for each line read. Finish a Juz a day or for fasting a fixed number of hour a day. You can tailor the goal to suit each ability level and age group)
  2. SLIA’s Best Home Cook- a family cook off!Donate to share your dish or a recipe in preparation for Ramadhan- Your chance to win the title of SLIA’s Best home cook. Time to dust off the old recipe books and find the golden nuggets of dishes handed down through the generations. Your grandma’s kanji recipe. Make it and share. You donate each time you share on our SLIA Facebook page for a suggested donation of £5. We will put each entry in for a final vote by our membership to choose our worthy winner. Write a story about this dish or on the provenance of the dish you are sharing or share a treasured memory when you cooked this with a beloved family member.
  3. A family for a family -Pledge to feed a family for the whole month.Create a family fundraiser to raise your pledge total. You can go it alone or involve your whole family. Host a family Ifthar dinner on Zoom, an online auction of unwanted gifts etc. Let our team help you with their fund raising tips to help put together a fundraising campaign. Share your campaign online on our social media platform and involve the whole SLIA membership family.
  4. Each step will feed another- Get fitter this Ramadhan while nourishing another fasting person.Walk a mile or two to buy much needed rations to feed a community during the fast. Each mile you walk will raise much needed aid. Make your steps, your commute to work or your exercise/ movement goals help to increase your step total to count toward earning more donations from your sponsors.

(Please download Walk this Ramadhan Card – Get Fitter to feed another)

May it count heavily on your scales, may it unite us all in fun and competition in the earning good deeds. The only rivalry loved by Allah (SWT) and smashing your Ramadhan 2021 resolutions.

You can donate directly through our website. Please choose to donate your Fitra or Fidya donation to SLIA’s Ramadhan campaign. Support your communities in Sri Lanka.

We hope we can achieve and exceed our donation target to help our Associate Charity partners working on our behalf on the ground in Sri Lanka to serve better at a time when the need is greatest. May Allah aid us and reward all those who help achieve the total. May it count heavily on your scale.

Jazakallah Hyre
Charity Sub Committee of SLIA