Sri Lanka Islamic (UK) Association

About Us.

The beginning of SLIA

Being one of the most senior members of the Sri Lankan Muslim community in London, in the early 1970’s Mrs Sithy Shums Cassim along with a few other senior members of the community realised that not sufficient communication and fellowship was being incorporated into the lives of young people in the community. They recognised the need for the families to get together and make a joint effort to include the social and cultural values in their life and also to tutor it to the younger generation.

They sought and received the support of a small group of Sri Lankan Muslims to discuss this very important issue and there was quite a few of them, who initially gathered at Mrs Shums Cassia’s residence for this purpose. After several meetings and discussions, they successfully planted the seed of desire to establish a strong socio/religious community amongst the Sri Lankan Muslims living in the UK.

Having achieved this, they then went on to channel all their talents and resources to nurturing and making this wonderful idea grow and blossom within the community. From this humble beginning, has grown an Association with wide membership participation.

The main focus was a strong commitment from the parents to teach and practise Islam at home within themselves and with their children. They felt very strong that the youth of that time would be the flag bearers of today and how true this has proved to be! For today, many of the members so involved in this Association were the youth of yesterday.

The following were present at the meeting held at Mrs Shums Cassim’s residence at Princess Avenue, Finchley, London in 1972 to discuss the formation of an Association.

Mrs Sithy Shums Cassim, Mr Nizar Shums Cassim, Miss Fawzia Cassim, Mr Niyaz Cassim, Miss Kazeema Cassim, Miss Maimoon Cassim, Mr Sherin Cassim, Mr & Mrs Nizam Izmail, Mr & Mrs Sabir Ismail, Mr & Mrs MTM Zahir, Mr & Mrs Ishak Thahir, Mr & Mrs T S Cassim, Mr & Mrs M S M Farook, Mr H M Hashim, Mr M H M Hussain, Mr Vazir Fareed, Mrs Alavia Careem, Mr J M Nizar, Mr A M Hammard, Mr Flyle Hussain, Mr Nadir Deen, Mr M H A Azhar, Mr Mohamed Lameer, Mr M H Zarook, Mr & Mrs Nawaz Shariff, Mr & Mrs Sabthy Marikar, Mr S M Waheedudeen (Joe), Mr M S M Mussavir, Mr M H Fazil and Mr F Nilam.